Rank your ideas
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An ideas list that shows you
what's worth building 💰

  • See how many people are actively looking for the problem you want to solve

  • See by how much demand grew over the past year

  • Prepaid only - not another subscription service!

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Your ideas, ranked by demand

Got an idea while out and about?

Whip out your phone, note it down and instantly see how many people are searching for it.

All your ideas, ranked by SEO search volumes. From highest to lowest potential.

Stop wasting time on ideas that go nowhere - see real demand before you start

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Not another complicated SEO tool

Yes, there are lots of brilliant Keyword Research tools out there already.

They have charts and domain scores and all kinds of other intricate metrics.

But you don't need that right now. You just need to quickly see if your idea has potential.

Wordsnapper is for instant idea validation.

See the search demand for your idea in seconds, and save yourself months of wasted effort.


How is this different from other keyword research tools?

Is it free?

Is this another subscription service?

Will my credits expire?

How do the credits work?

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Only pay for more credits when you actually need them